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Going head to head with big business

4 February 2009


pig-and-pigletThe entrepreneurial sector is thriving in this new economical downturn market. Big businesses with their huge overheads and international footprints are having to tighten their belts and bite the bullets with budget cut backs and retrenchments on the cards.

 Small businesses are beginning to realize huge opportunities in these seemly unstable times. We are firstly able to retool and change a lot faster to refocus our products and offerings but also able to offer the client focused service and products that the market is demanding.

 This fast service delivery cycle of small businesses with our strategic network alliances are beginning to rise up the service food chain and become the preferred option in the market. More skilled people are entering the sector bringing their corporate experience and expertise leaving the bureaucratic ways of corporate behind. This has resulting in many more enquiries to businesses like ourselves and Business hubs being contacted for guidance and information on starting and growing a small business.

We welcome the new trends and look forward to the Entrepreneurial Wave gaining momentum in the months leading up to the soccer world cup and beyond.

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