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Why women make better Entrepreneurs

4 February 2009

As we see the entrepreneur wave begin to take shape and move from south to north over Africa we at the Entrepreneur Incubator can clearly see that women are taking the lead. The basic characteristics of an Entrepreneur being; ·

  • Creativity – ability to think outside the box of every day issues
  •  Persistence – stickability when things get tough
  • Problem Solving – whole brain problem solving techniques
  • Multi Tasking – ability to do many things well at the same time
  •  Balance – finding the right investment between family, business and self 
  • Accountability – doing what you say you will do
  • Financial Acumen – money wise 

Women have more of these characteristics naturally and therefore should become the leaders in the Entrepreneur Revolution. So this is a call to all you ladies out there to take up the reigns of life and begin to live your dream and passion, start that business you have always dreamt about and begin to stake your claim on society.

Us men will stay home and watch cricket and bath the kids.

I have an Entrepreneur Quotient assessment to take if you are interested is an indication of your ability to run your own business. Email me on and I will get it to you.

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