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Robin BuckFitness Boot Camp

“Bruce often says that his niche is the ability to help people ‘go from good to great’. I, however, have found that Bruce has taken me from ‘zero to hero’. And so I believe that Bruce has the ability to help YOU achieve some extraordinary things in your business and your life. Bruce leads by example and has an uncanny intuition. He is an excellent coach and has helped me maintain balance and pave the road and chart a journey to achieve excellence in many aspects of my life. And although that road is often thwart with ups and downs I have found Bruce to be there when I needed him most. He comes highly recommended…!!”

Sally KrugerBusiness Needs Analysis

“Bruce changed my life. It’s as simple as that. He showed me strengths and talents within myself that I had never acknowledged before. He made me believe in myself. I think that’s one of the greatest gifts anyone can give you.”

Nic BlackNB Media

“Bruce is excellent at what he does because I can observe all that he advises me to do in my own business at work in his own business. He constantly tries to stay one step ahead of the rest in his field and due to this he is able to offer excellent insights to his clients. I highly recommend Bruce and HEP to any business wishing to grow and develop.”

Case Studies

Crallan Potgieter – Hot Orange Cabinetry

Crallan started his business ‘by mistake’ when asked to do some cabinets by a customer when he was working as a handy man. The customer was so impressed by his craftsmanship that he ordered more and began to recommend his work to friends and colleagues. Not too long after that Crallan found his work load beginning to grow and his home premises too small to work from. Renting and moving into this own workshop was the biggest financial leap that he had ever taken on and was soon faced with the daunting battle of rent and salary bills, not to mention all the paper work for SARS and other small business regulations.

It was then that Crallan found HEP through BNI (Business Network International) and asked us to come in and help refocus the business and his life. Within eight months Crallan was able to get his business back on it’s feet, streamlined the business flow, got his staff focused and found a new name. Crallan has also started running and cycling and plans to compete in future 2 Oceans Marathons.

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