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Our Story

Bruce Wade is a survivor of the corporate IT world, having spent 20 years in various computer related fields from Operator, Mainframe Programmer, System Specialist, Project Manager, Trainer and Process re-engineer.

 Bruce graduated into the world of self-employment and through his own company and time at various NPOs developed a passion for helping others develop and build their own businesses.

 Bruce entered the world of Coaching in 2005 and has developed a multitude of products, workshops and training material, with numerous clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

 The formation of HEP, Human Energy Programmes in 2008 brought on a new perspective of offering for our clients that included a whole person approach to development with the inclusion of both Emotional Relational support as well as Physical wellness programmes.

 The Entrepreneur Incubator was launched out of HEP in August 2008 to address the dire need to hatch and develop small business in southern Africa. Our goal is to reach every major centre from Cape Town to Lusaka within three years.

 We are continually developing and writing new material and growing both our strategic support network as well as our footprint of influence.

 Our national pride strategy is aimed at building up business owners who are proud to be living and investing in their own country. We encourage the process of sowing back into the communities and industry related services for each of our clients.

 The emerging market in southern Africa is a delicate balance between social structures, government support and organisations like HEP that play a role in encouraging and developing people from all corners to come together in the centre of the room to celebrate our uniqueness, talent and passions through entrepreneurship and business.

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