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Springboks win the Series

27 June 2009

Watching the Springboks play against the Lions this weekend not only had me on the edge of my seat but also reminded me of how exciting and entertaining sport can be. Very similar to running a small business; team work, game plan, great backup system and focus, focus focus.

The never-die attitude that our boys had on the field gave them the edge and perseverance brought them home.

Running my own business and helping many others to run theirs requires the same never give up attitude. Each day we as Entrepreneurs need to have not only a world changer attitude but also one of persistence and plan to do everything possible not to just survive but to thrive. Take risks play wide and get someone on your team to take those last minute kicks on your team that will put you ahead.

The Entrepreneur Incubator offers not only great strategy, but access to great players that will build your business to and beyond its full potential.

The unfair advantage – wearing green and gold and being a member of the Entrepreneur Incubator – a winning combination for any developing business. Well done bokke!

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