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Property Ninjas

4 October 2009


There have been some strange happenings along the Atlantic seaboard over the last few weeks. People have called in with sightings of dark blurs running over rocks and along beaches. Some shapes have been seen to jump clear over walls and even into windows of luxury homes. Not to mention the strange sounds of a cheap Bruce Lee movie.

No, this is not a new crime wave but the local Property Ninjas who are going from home to home exposing the best kept secrets of houses we can only dream of renting. Join them as they take you on a full disclosure tour of some of Cape Realty’s top rental properties.

The team from Cape Realty assisted by the marketing gurus at World Wide creative have come up with some great marketing concepts. Well done guys, looking forward to some more kawabungka Dude!

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 6

3 October 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at Principles: principles are our subset of the rules that define nature, physics, local law and God. A true Entrepreneur will understand the law of the land well to be able to benefit from its definitions. They will also understand simple concepts such as sewing and reaping and that they alone cannot do all things. The reliant on God makes for a true Entrepreneur to succeed in all they do.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 5

2 October 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at Values: values are defined by self but are birthed through nurture and forward focused goals. Most entrepreneurs will need to have good solid values based on personal integrity and authenticity. They may not start out as such but will migrate towards solid well defined values as lessons of life are learnt.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 4

1 October 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at the Soul: the soul is about eternal issues and leaving a legacy. A high priority of most Entrepreneurs is to lay down a foundation that will out last themselves. This could be done through a business venture or through mentoring others to follow in their footprints but to also exceed their achievements and gain higher ground.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 3

30 September 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at the Mind: the mind is all about learning, this is achieved through teaching. Most entrepreneurs love to share their learnings with others and can often be found teaching courses at the local community hall of high school. This could also be more formal as their reputation grows they become guest speakers at events and seminars. The more they share the more they learn.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 2

29 September 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at the Heart: the emotional part of us craves love; this is only achieved as we love others. Entrepreneurs are relational people who value those close to them and are always seeking out new people to network with and share experiences.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 1

28 September 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at the Body: the body’s function is to survive, to do this we need to participate in the game of life. An Entrepreneur inhabits his life to the fullest. They find that exercise and healthy living are interwoven in their existence. To work hard requires playing hard and keeping fit and body aware at all times.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

27 September 2009

What makes a good Entrepreneur? Can they be made, trained or raised up or are they just born that way. Over the next few days we will explore the various attributes that we have found that make up those exceptional people who are able to make sense of the business world in any language in any country in any condition.

We come across many different people who are in business or want to start something and they always ask, “Will I make a good Entrepreneur?”

So lets explore this and you can assess yourself against the various articles this week.

The next obvious question is, “If I am not a natural Entrepreneur, can I learn to be one?” This we will explore next week.

Football Friday

25 September 2009

Today is another Football Friday, we have been encouraged to do four things over the next few months leading up to the World Cup

  1. Buy and wear a soccer shirt every Friday for football Fridays
  2. Learn all the words of our national anthem
  3. Learn to play the Vuvuzela
  4. Learn the Diski dance

Come on South Africa let’s get going. I got my first vuvuzela yesterday and have been make a huge amount of noise, my kids love it. Still looking for that shirt I can buy without having to get an illegal one from the robots. Any ideas?

E-Bear gets his own website

24 September 2009

Image093E-Bear has now gotten too big to compete with business and entrepreneur related issues here on this blog so we have migrated him to his own site here.

Please bookmark this new site and add it to your RSS feeds to keep up to date with E-Bear’s adventures and business offers and give aways.