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Exclusive Books Help Entrepreneurs

9 October 2009
E-Bear at the Peninsula Hotel

E-Bear at the Peninsula Hotel

Today a small yet exclusive group of people gathered at the Peninsula Hotel in Sea Point to listen to author, speaker, accomplished businessman and entrepreneur Eric Parker. This event sponsored by Exclusive books was a first in what we hope will become an annual event by the book shop to promote our local authors and entrepreneurs.

Eric shared with us the story of the birth of Nandos and other businesses that he has been involved in. We also heard from Guy Le Ray Cook director of Kauai and consultant to Nandos. Even though the talks had a distinct franchise flavour to them (not the main focus of EI) we were all inspired and informed by what was said and shared.

Many thanks to Maryanne Hancock, events manager from Exclusive books for putting on the event and to Eric and his team for sharing some trade secrets and good solid business information with us all. We look forward to the next event.

Also found a great marketing watchdog site to add to our list of ones to read. The House of Marketing


Experience The Chocolate Moose

6 October 2009

We have been speaking about moving your business into the experiential market as part of the Blue Ocean Strategy. This is not an easy one as so many of us are so entrenched in the commodity way of life and spend copious amounts of time each day battling it out with costs, margins and profits.

Choc moose

Take a moment to browse the new look Chocolate Moose website. Lara together with NB Media have put together a forerunner in the market. This site offers a full five sensory experience that includes awesome photos, great descriptive copy “decadent handmade chocolate truffles, indulge your senses from a variety of flavours” and even places for the kids to play while the parents decide what to order and eat next.

The Chocolate Moose are the preferred suppliers of individually designed cakes in Cape Town. Their offerings are a product all on their own, and so now is their website. Well done to both Lara and Nic.

We look forward to so great content on your blog.

Healthy Body, Healthy Business

5 October 2009

grapesDavid Cotriss from Small Business Trends has put together a list of healthy foods that business owners can use to snack on and eat to keep the mind and body in the tip top condition for running a business. And do not forget to do the gym thing at least 3 times a week. Need help on that click here. Read more…

Property Ninjas

4 October 2009


There have been some strange happenings along the Atlantic seaboard over the last few weeks. People have called in with sightings of dark blurs running over rocks and along beaches. Some shapes have been seen to jump clear over walls and even into windows of luxury homes. Not to mention the strange sounds of a cheap Bruce Lee movie.

No, this is not a new crime wave but the local Property Ninjas who are going from home to home exposing the best kept secrets of houses we can only dream of renting. Join them as they take you on a full disclosure tour of some of Cape Realty’s top rental properties.

The team from Cape Realty assisted by the marketing gurus at World Wide creative have come up with some great marketing concepts. Well done guys, looking forward to some more kawabungka Dude!

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 6

3 October 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at Principles: principles are our subset of the rules that define nature, physics, local law and God. A true Entrepreneur will understand the law of the land well to be able to benefit from its definitions. They will also understand simple concepts such as sewing and reaping and that they alone cannot do all things. The reliant on God makes for a true Entrepreneur to succeed in all they do.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 5

2 October 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at Values: values are defined by self but are birthed through nurture and forward focused goals. Most entrepreneurs will need to have good solid values based on personal integrity and authenticity. They may not start out as such but will migrate towards solid well defined values as lessons of life are learnt.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur 4

1 October 2009

So what makes a great Entrepreneur? Lets look at the Soul: the soul is about eternal issues and leaving a legacy. A high priority of most Entrepreneurs is to lay down a foundation that will out last themselves. This could be done through a business venture or through mentoring others to follow in their footprints but to also exceed their achievements and gain higher ground.