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My Social Media Network

13 October 2009

networkNow I know that I am often a bit slow on the learning and trends when it comes to the Social Media thing but I do put effort in and learn from trial and error. The good thing about the web is that it is very hard to break so experimentation is encouraged and is often the best way to learn. So, let me explain what I have been able to do for those who are still on the learning curve.

I have 3 different blogs: Entrepreneur Incubator blog, E-Bear blog and Entrepreneur TV blog. All these are under on WordPress account. I have one Facebook account, a Twitter Account and one at LinkedIn. Lets leave it at that for this exercise. I also have a cell phone with a camera and email capabilities.

With all my links and networks the following happens:

  • I can post straight from my phone to either Twitter or Facebook with text.
  • I can post straight from my phone to Facebook with a photo or video.
  • Every Tweet on twitter is automatically sent to my Facebook to update my status.
  • When I post on any of my 3 blogs, an automatic tweet is generated on Twitter that updates my Facebook account with a link to the blog.
  • All blog entries are also automatically added to my LinkedIn profile.
  • All my Delicious tags are also posted on my Entrepreneur Incubator blog for our members to read.

I am slowly finding my way in the quagmire of new technology.

If you need any assistance for these functions or can suggest a few more, then please comment or email me.

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