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9 October 2009
E-Bear at the Peninsula Hotel

E-Bear at the Peninsula Hotel

Today a small yet exclusive group of people gathered at the Peninsula Hotel in Sea Point to listen to author, speaker, accomplished businessman and entrepreneur Eric Parker. This event sponsored by Exclusive books was a first in what we hope will become an annual event by the book shop to promote our local authors and entrepreneurs.

Eric shared with us the story of the birth of Nandos and other businesses that he has been involved in. We also heard from Guy Le Ray Cook director of Kauai and consultant to Nandos. Even though the talks had a distinct franchise flavour to them (not the main focus of EI) we were all inspired and informed by what was said and shared.

Many thanks to Maryanne Hancock, events manager from Exclusive books for putting on the event and to Eric and his team for sharing some trade secrets and good solid business information with us all. We look forward to the next event.

Also found a great marketing watchdog site to add to our list of ones to read. The House of Marketing

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