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Experience The Chocolate Moose

6 October 2009

We have been speaking about moving your business into the experiential market as part of the Blue Ocean Strategy. This is not an easy one as so many of us are so entrenched in the commodity way of life and spend copious amounts of time each day battling it out with costs, margins and profits.

Choc moose

Take a moment to browse the new look Chocolate Moose website. Lara together with NB Media have put together a forerunner in the market. This site offers a full five sensory experience that includes awesome photos, great descriptive copy “decadent handmade chocolate truffles, indulge your senses from a variety of flavours” and even places for the kids to play while the parents decide what to order and eat next.

The Chocolate Moose are the preferred suppliers of individually designed cakes in Cape Town. Their offerings are a product all on their own, and so now is their website. Well done to both Lara and Nic.

We look forward to so great content on your blog.

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  1. 7 October 2009 09:06

    Thanks, Bruce 🙂

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