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Surviving 2010 will be all about cash flow

15 September 2009

Our Incubator member’s workshop today focused on what 2010 will mean for the small business owner in South Africa. We got to chat about the rules and regulations imposed on us by FIFA and local authorities and then began to list the issues around the three different phases of the year; Pre, During and Post world cup.

One issue that came up was the ability to manage cash flow in all businesses during these 3 different phases. The majority of businesses will not see any increased spending from the event through our books but will begin to see the reduction in our local market activity during the event and after as people recover from expenses and soccer fever. Being able to secure billable work for this period will become critical to the survival of our businesses. History has shown us that up to 40% of small business will experience a sever downfall of income resulting in loss of staff, market and even closure during peak sporting months times.

What are you doing now to make plans to survive 2010?

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