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Yes, I want to be an Entrepreneur

31 August 2009

This weekend saw the first of our new workshops “An Introduction to Entrepreneurship” presented at the CCFm hall in Muizenberg. We had a group of excited people filled with expectation and hope for their futures. As we worked through the workbook it became evident that everyone in the room had one thing in common, a great idea but huge inertia.

Overcoming the urge to remain as is has to be faced with an initial action of note. To get a car rolling you need to give it a huge push, once it is going the pushing become easier. The same applies for our lives, the initial push needs to be a massive impulse of action that creates movement. This workshop is part of that huge action followed by plans, action steps and delivery of those plans.

I look forward to meeting with some of our participants in the coming week to see what they have achieved and how we can take them to the next step of becoming sustainable business owners.

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