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Add Value or Die!

15 August 2009

Last week I agreed to meet with a women who had attended one of my talks a few weeks ago on social media and blogging. She emailed me telling of her huge plan that she had thought up in her head to make money using a series of blogs and related products. This interested me and I agreed to meet with her to help flesh out her plan and listen to the detail.

The first question of hers was, “How do I find the name of the blog that I have just created?” It just went down hill from there. We ended up chatting for an hour as she explained her world domination plan to re-circulate the almost 500 daily emails she receives through her barrage of free subscriptions and then begin to ask people to pay her through affiliate and subscription programmes. She was convinced in her own mind that what she had found on the web for free was just not accessible to the many others in the world who were also had email. It took me a full half hour to get it into her head that she was not going to get rich distributing free and already available material to others expecting them to pay for it.

Entrepreneurs are originals with original thoughts that add value to others. If you are just standing in the way of money with the hope of skimming some off the top you are doomed to be out of business in a very short time. Customers out there are getting wise to middle man techniques and are using technology to get to the source or the person who cares and adds value through their product and service.

I see the immanent death of many businesses like rental agents who do not have their own direct portfolios, hotel booking agents who do not own the hotels, travel agents who do not know the industry, so called experts who sell concepts online that are not backed up by clinical research and many coaches who merely regurgitate chapters of books to their clients. You can fool some people for some time, but unless you add real value you do not deserve to be in business.

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