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Who is swimming naked?

31 July 2009
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liferingIt is only when the tide goes out that you can see who is swimming naked” a quote from Warren Buffet. This is becoming too true in the tough economic times as we begin to see those small business who have not done their foundation preparation in their businesses. As things get tougher some are becoming more exposed and are been found out by their Creditors, SARS and the dreaded banks and their customers.

I paid my bank manager a visit this week to discuss our current financial situation with him to keep him informed of what we are doing and what we had planned for the business in the next few months. He was taken aback that a customer was being proactive in their finances. He mentioned that most people only come in when it is too late and need some sort of rescue plan.

If you feel the tide going out, either wade in deeper or get covering, nobody wants to see you naked.

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