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Equal Opportunity Crossings

23 July 2009

beatlescoverSometimes we come across a fact that is just so weird that it is worth sharing. We in South Africa have always been taught about Zebra Crossings. Those white stripes that people walk across the road on made famous by the Beetles album cover of Abbey road. Never did I ever consider all the other animals out there who have become upset that their names were not been used to denote a traffic signal. So due to adverse pressure from the animals, in particular the bird section there is now a number of other crossings available:

The Pelican Crossing The Puffin Crossing

The Toucan Crossing The Pegasus Crossing

I kid you not; if it is on Wikipedia it must be true. Just make sure it is not your life crossing before you without you knowing.

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  1. 23 July 2009 20:43

    Why are all the animals so cross?

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