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Doing Business Together

17 July 2009

A wise business owner has learnt to understand their own strengths and uses a selection of well chosen staff whom they can trust to co-run their business. Allocation of key functions and responsibility helps maintain the balance within the business. Any skills that are non-essential to the business are outsourced through a network of professionals who offer specialist skills in the form of finance, labour, marketing and mentoring.  Surrounding the central core with these services lowers your labour costs and responsibilities, allows you to run on high service level agreements and obtain expert advice and services on a pay as you go rate.

The down side of this way of business requires a paradigm shift in the way we see leadership.  The business owner needs to seek out individuals and develop a trust and full disclosure relationships. This for most business owners seems impossible as their initial reaction is to loose control and to let slip with trade secrets. We at the Entrepreneur Incubator have coached many business owners through this process and have seen the lights come on as our clients begin to understand the network leadership theories begin to work for their lives. They find themselves able to spend more time with their families, take leave and go away and earn more money, even while they are away from the business.

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