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Doing Business Alone

16 July 2009

The age old saying that no man is an island cannot be more true when it comes to running a small business. To be successful and stay in business we need to reach out to others for support and advice for all facets of our lives.

So many entrepreneurs and business owners have started out with small ideas that have grown into an income generating venture and all this is due to their hard work and dedication. All the systems, procedures and knowledge lies within their head and control is done through a central point. These types of people work long and hard to maintain control and stability in their businesses often sacrificing their family and fun time to maintain this way of life. This will always lead to high levels of stress and ill health and often broken family lives resulting in unhappy staff and the demise of the business.

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  1. 16 July 2009 08:55

    Hi Bruce,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. My business has grown significantly and it is a lot easier to maintain control and focus when I surround myself with the right people.

    I tend to see the same principles apply with my clients achieving their health and fitness goals. Those that achieve amazing results have reached out and asked for help and support from friends, family, colleagues and experts in the field.

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