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Education: MBA or Life

9 July 2009

Having just completed my mini MBA I thought this article found on was a perfect fit.

I still get to hear so many people wanting to do further education before they can do anything in the Entrepreneur market. If you read through this blog post and the 100s of replies, it is evident that not only is the normal MBA becoming irrelevant to small business but develops a more corporate ridged mindset that hinders the growth of a small business and the people within them.

My advice, attend the school of hard knocks every day with enthusiasm, pay the school fees and read as much as you can along the way.

Startups: 10 Things MBA Schools Won’t Teach You. Not only is the post full of great information – the comments are even better.

Here is a summary:

·  Strategic planning won’t take place of managing your bank statement and cash flow.

·  There are always more things to do. Start deciding “what not to do”.

·  Sleep – entrepreneurs work in their sleep.

·  People are Resources, not the other way around.

·  Learn to read your market, and put down the book on efficient pricing theories.

·  Understand all of your costs.

·  Spend more time on lead generation and sales conversion than on product matrices.

·  Build a visionary and passionate work culture.

·  People buy and do business with people they like. Be likeable.

·  People and markets are not always rational

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  1. 9 July 2009 08:53

    Hi Bruce,

    I couldn’t agree more with this one!! Great post…there is no substitute for getting out there and taking action!!

    Find a mentor, someone who has been where you want to be, and start doing doing doing.


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