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Change of Direction

8 July 2009

Each day we are faced with various cross roads and off ramps waiting to divert us from our first predetermined route through life. The decision to take the left or right turn will often depend on what we see on the signpost just before the intersection.

We are so easily tempted by signs that guarantee us fame, fortune and pleasure that will take us off track into uncharted dangerous territory. We need to have some sort of mission and strategy statement for our businesses and lives that we can measure our decision against before we put our indicator on and veer off into the new lane. Having your values set and openly discussed enables us to assess and measure our performance against giving us a compass to guide us.

Another direction change often comes through a huge event or tragedy that may occur in our lives. Recent clients of ours have experienced personal events that will redefine them for many years to come. Once again we need to assess where we are at and use these opportunities to give us new direction and purpose. Do not let the world divert you away from your preplanned purpose but if huge events occur, stop and look for any new direction that may exist that was previously hidden.

Any direction change should be thought about and planned to maintain momentum and purpose.

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