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Cubicle Nation

7 July 2009

Pamela Slim wrote a book titled Escape from cubicle Nation that records the dreams and wishes of many Americans trapped in the corporate word living each day with a hope to one day escape from their cubicle and into the world of self employment.

Many South Africans find themselves in the same situation, going each day to a job they dislike, doing tasks that bring little or no joy and waiting for Friday and Payday just to get by. How sad is this, how depressing it must be to live your life for time away from your job.

Finding a way to break out and begin to live our lives fully as we were designed to be, using all our skills, talents and passions each day to add value to others could be your normal day at the office. It is for me and those we work with at the Entrepreneur Incubator.

A recent assessment of the utilization of my strengths revealed that on any given day I am operating in 98% of my strengths. That equates to only 2% of tasks I do are not energizing myself. This means that I am able to give more of myself and energy to my work and customers without having to waste personal resources on survival-mode or covering my back because I may mess up and be caught out.

Self-Employment is not all roses and money, we do have our bad days; but a bad day working for yourself is still better than a good day in a cubicle…

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  1. 9 July 2009 09:02

    I love how you ended this one…”a bad day working for yourself is still better than a good day in a cubicle”.

    I tend to experience another side to our “cubicle nation”. People stay in their cubicle all day and do not GET ACTIVE during their day.

    There is something about getting exercise with a group of like-minded people that makes the monotony of life just disappear!!

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