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WOZA 2010

12 June 2009

The final countdown has begun. The roof is going on our Cape Town stadium and it is looking very fine. With just one year to go the mood in South Africa has begun to change from denial, to negative, to annoyance to now enthusiasm.

I am happy to see a lot of businesses now making an effort to get on board and beef up their offering towards the Soccer World Cup 2010. From Hospitality to hostesses we all have something to offer and to gain from the 6 weeks of mania that will descend upon our land.

But a word of warning that it is not all just about the world cup, but beyond. Is your business suited for what lies after all the mad fans leave our shores, will you still be in business in August 2010? What about 5 years from now? I see too many people gearing themselves up for just one event. This is not a great business plan. Think big, think long, start small.

If you are still thinking of a branding opportunity vist Global Brands Group to read the criteria. I hear that there are still product lines that have not been allocated just waiting for some entrepreneur to put in a request.

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