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Do you deserve a PA?

11 May 2009

As a small business owner there is a time in your business development that you will be begin to ask this question. Do you deserve a Personal Assistant? The factors of cost and time and staffing hassle cross your mind and you may not be sure of trust issues and the ability to keep them busy all the time. So to make it easy for you, this week we have included an easy to use formula to assist you in deciding if the time is right to bring in help.


E = Average amount of emails you receive each day

I = Average amount of phone calls you receive each day

F = Total floor space in square meters

D = Total desk space you have in square centimeters

S = Total surface area of your desk covered in stuff in square centimeters

Number the following from 1 – 5 (least to most importance) in relationship to your job.

  • C = Correspondence
  • M – Meetings
  • P = Projects
  • T = Travel
  • O = Organizing/Bookkeeping

Substitute the values and solve the formula. If assistant is greater than zero, then get on the phone to the employment agent and order another desk and chair.

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