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Survive or Thrive?

7 May 2009

The press is all over the death of small businesses and unemployment and it makes me sick. Yes, small businesses are facing some troubled times but if we continue to be bombarded with negative articles we will never get out of this situation. Each day I am confronted with people who are in financial trouble and asking us at the Entrepreneur Incubator for help.

My attitude is one of Thrive not Survive. If you set your mind to the survival mode then that is what you will do, just survive. If you on the other hand set your goals to higher income, better customer service, higher profits and wide impact then maybe just maybe you will get there but there is a greater chance of it if you plan in that direction.

This week we do a workshop for our members on the better use of Social Media to enhance and grow your business. Lets hope that as we gather together we will all be able to shed the negativity of failure and survival and replace it with a positive attitude of expansion and to Thrive.  

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