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Learning to Read Fast

2 May 2009

This week a group of our Incubator members attended at short course in Speed Reading presented by Britha Padkin from Read Fast. One of the most essential skills that a business owner needs to learn is to be able to read copious amounts of material in a very short time and be able to recall the facts and data later when marketing to clients. To master this skill will save you time and money.

 I am a book junky and could easily spend every cent in my monthly budget on books, but as I have learnt to skim read a potential buy in the store I can gather the fundamentals of the book and decide there whether the book is worth the purchase or not. I am also reading up to 50 online articles each day from blogs, newsletters and emails to keep up to date with trends and new developments in business and entrepreneurship. Without the ability to speed-read I would be lost and would never get to bed.

 Check out Britha’s offering on and if you want to join our next course, drop me a line and we will add you to the list of attendees.  Just incase you are not convinced then time yourself reading this email and if you can’t get through it in less than 15 seconds then this programme is for you.

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