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Feasibility on Radio

2 May 2009

This month our radio spot focused on small business feasibility.

The journey from dream to idea to goal to business is often lost because of unforeseen issues and problems. Knowing if a business idea is feasible goes a long way to ensuring the business is sustainable.

 Our Feasibility Assessment is how we measure and identify the factors that influence your business that you may not have any control over. This is based on the well known Porters 5 forces analysis

  1.  How hard will it be to break into the new market?
  2. What affect will your suppliers have on your business?
  3. What affect will your customers have on your business?
  4. What other products can be used in place of yours?
  5. What competition will you experience in the market?
  6. What financial factors do you need to consider?

 The Entrepreneur Incubator has developed a list of all the factors and tasks that any business owner would need to address within the first 1000 days of business together with tools and worksheets to get them done. This is offered to those on the Incubator programme together with the guide of a business mentor or personal coach.

Any business owner wanting to develop their business while gaining the unfair advantage in the market place should contact Bruce for a no obligation chat over coffee.

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