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How Prepared Are You?

20 April 2009


Monday morning alarm goes off and you realize that this is the day that you are presenting your new business proposal to the board and appointed VC team. You future hangs in the balance with each word and PowerPoint slide detail. How prepared are you?

This simple formula will help guide you to a logical conclusion to either give you a boost of self-confidence or give you the option to go straight to the airport and book a flight to Harare were you chances of survival will be better.



I = The importance of the event (1 – 10) 10 being the speech at your wedding

S = Hours of sleep you had last night

C = Cups of coffee of caffeine drink consumed today

P1 = Hours of required preparation for this event. Research shows that for every 10 minutes of speaking at least 30 – 60 minutes of prep are required

P2 = Actual hours spent in preparation, not including playing with graphics and clip art

D = Difficulty of your subject (1 – 10) 10 being particle acceleration in a vacuum

N = The level of nervousness you feel right now (1 – 10) 10 being just changed pants again 

Substitute the figures for numbers, complete the equation. If Prepared is greater than 1, relax you will be fine, if not go back to your desk and do some more work. Good Luck.

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