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Why don’t you answer my emails?

14 April 2009

Why don’t you answer my emails? This is the question I get to hear a lot these days. People send me things and I send things and they seem to just go into the big black hole in cyber space with no return.

Here are some tips to prompting a reply from an email.

  1. Keep it simple and to the point 
  2. Address one issue per email 
  3. Ask one question and ask for a reply 
  4. Do not presume the other person can connect the dots to previous discussions or emails, they may be on a different thought wave that you when they read the mail 
  5. Do not bore people with long tedious explanations 
  6. Do not use TLAs (three letter acronyms) in a business email, keep these for cell phones and facebook 
  7. Write in point form using bullets of numbers if you are making a list
  8. Close with a reaffirming statement of your initial question 

Email etiquette is being constantly redefined, write to each person in the appropriate manner that they will understand and respond. This should help with your replies and follow-ups.

Any other tips will be most welcome.

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