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Should I join a gym?

13 April 2009

After the long weekend we are all feeling a little too well fed and maybe have overdosed in chocolate and decedent puddings. So now the guilt begins to set in and we wonder if we should get to the point of joining the gym and crossing the divide between fat and happy to fit and healthy. Use this week’s formula to help determine if your gym quest is sustainable and reasonable. After all you do not want to join and then just become another statistic of non-attendance.


F = the amount of kg you need to loose to reach your ideal weight

 S = Marital status: 1 = married or repressed, 5 for dating, 10 for swinging single

 T = How tired are you: 1 – 10, 10 being almost dead most of the day

 M = Minutes it would take to get from home to the gym

 C = How important non gym activities are to you: 1 – 10, 10 being on your way to give birth

 D = How many days you have worked out in the last week

 If Gym is greater than 1 you need to join a gym and get involved in a training programme now, or email Robin from Fitness Boot Camp today.


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