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When to quit your job

6 April 2009
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We continue on our Monday, Formula for Life theme with an interesting assessment of when to quit your job. We have all had times when we have urges to storm into the boss’s office and stab him in the neck with your clutch pencil and quit. Ok, maybe it is only me. But what if you could calculate the best possible time to leave your current job. Try this one:


H = hours per normal day that you are unhappy at work

A = Your current age

G = How good your current job is (1 – 10) 10 being taster for Lindt

K = How many kids you have, that you know of

P = Chances for finding another job (1 – 10) 10 being already signed a contract

F = Your current level of financial commitment (1 – 10) 10 being mortgaged for the next 40 years

S1 = Monthly salary you could expect from a new job (ZAR)

S2 = Current monthly salary (ZAR)

 Fill in all the numbers; work from with in the brackets out.

If QUIT is greater than 1, then you have a good reason to speak to the boss today.

Good luck. 

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