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Small is the new Big

2 April 2009

This is an extract from an article on, thought it was worth sharing.

Small is the new big. Sustainable is the new growth. Trust is the new competitive advantage.

This very small line says almost everything that you’ll see is happening in the market at the moment. Small is becoming big because small businesses can easily manage to give the right amount of attention to its customers and if a business can sustain that, then they’ll surely grow as well as they’ll get the referral that they deserve.

I’m sure that this trend will only increase as more and more people will interact on the web and will chose to trust the person they know and not just the advertisement they’ll see on TVs, website or radios. We’ll surely see more and more small businesses and will see many new entrepreneur’s until those big corporations decide to get back to basics and start giving enough attention to their customers.

Or should we say that today’s customer has become much smarter and demanding that small businesses have been able to handle as compared to large corporations? 

Read the full article here

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  1. 9 April 2009 15:33

    Hey Bruce! I’m glad that you like the article and that you gave the link back too. I’m a budding entrepreneur and plan to start facebook app related to entrepreneurship too 🙂 Thanks again for the appreciation

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