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Formula For Life – Prosperity

30 March 2009


I have started a new category of posts that I will attempt to add to each week. Formula For Life. Under this category I will introduce and discuss the workings of a formula that will help assess and define life within the Entrepreneurial world. Now if you are not one of those who understood or enjoyed algebra at school then please just pass these by and read the next post. If on the other hand you are passionate about analyzing the world through numbers and logic then these are just for you. Please enjoy and use. I cannot claim credit for a lot of these as I have found, copied and maybe even plagiarized, for this I am deeply sorry but as there should never be a copyright on wisdom I will share them with confidence.

 Our first formula is for Prosperity. This is a good one to start with because it helps understand a lot of why most business owners struggle in their quest for wealth. 


 Prosperity is a function of having financial technology that serves as a multiplier on Human Capital, Social Capital and Real Assets. Ok, lets break this down a bit. What this tells us is that to be prosperous we need to firstly have capital in the form of friends and staff with whom we have a good relationship with and are willing to let them use our toys that we own to make money that we can manage and measure. Got it? Good.

Comments welcome, more next week.

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