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Incubator hears wedding bells

23 March 2009


Almost 3 years ago I received a call from a women who was busy studding to be a coach and required a mentor/coach to assist her through the process. This is when Megan and I met.

One of our first tasks was to develop her 3 year goals and begin the journey. One of her top goals was to find the perfect man and get married. This together with completing her coaching course, resign from her current position and start her own business, move to live on the Atlantic seaboard and become financially independent.

picture-241Our journey continued for a year as I met with Megan each month and we began to reach her goals and tick them off one by one. Once Megan was qualified she joined our HEP team as a family coach and counselor. She has since started her own business, moved to live on the Atlantic seafront and on Saturday we attended her marriage to Clinton who in her words is the perfect man.

Well done Megan and congratulations of the final goal achievement and all within the specified 3 years. Just proof that coaching and accountability does work and you too could be get your life and business re-engineered and moving forward.

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