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EI at Absa Breakfast

23 March 2009
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absa-logo1Once again Bruce Wade will address the business advantage clients at this months ABSA breakfast on Tuesday.

ABSA hosts regional networking breakfasts each month for business owners who have subscribed to the ABSA Business advantage programme that includes Quick books, Training programmes and Network education breakfasts.

Bruce will cover the early stages of the business life cycle highlighting the importance of building the correct foundation for your business in order to promote and enable growth. Without the correct building blocks businesses will often grow and fail as their support structure is not solid enough to support the capacity and expansion.

The Entrepreneur Incubator offers a step-by-step programme and tools to assist the business owner to identify and correct any shortfalls in their business structure. Some of these include:

  1. Understanding the business owners strengths
  2. Developing business ideas around your own passions
  3. Market Research to get to know the lay of the land
  4. Feasibility Study to see if your idea may work
  5. Setting business goals to gain forward movement
  6. Defining a niche to distinguish your business from others
  7. Defining your business so you know what you do
  8. Financial plan to keep track of cash flow
  9. Marketing plan to develop customer relationships
  10. Implementation plan to get it right first time

We look forward to a successful talk followed up with enthusiastic referrals.

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