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Entrepreneur Incubator opens more doors

19 March 2009


salesThe Entrepreneur Incubator has extended their offering to small businesses who are finding it more difficult to make it in these tough economic times.

 Even with an interest cut on the near horizon many small businesses are beginning to feel the real pinch of the slowing economy, this is a time when businesses need to buckle down and think more strategically about what and how we do business.

 Business owners are often too close to their own business and market to analysis it unemotionally. The incubator is now offering EI-Mentor a monthly mentoring workshop with groups of entrepreneurs and business owners at various locations in and around Cape Town. Each session will be 3 to 4 hour long and will focus on strategy, planning and business development using proven tools and techniques.

 If you find your business in a state of stuckness and pending doom, then consider the option of meeting with a business mentor and others in the similar state to plan and work together to once again find that financial freedom and growth within your business. For as little as R850 per month you get to attend the workshop followed up with notes and worksheets as well as access to a coach for any follow up issues. Additional one-on-one sessions are available at a reduced price for those on the EI-Mentor programme.

 Give us a click or call for more information

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