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Slogan Writing Analysis

13 March 2009

If you suffer from low latent inhibition like I do then you will know that election time is a season where I suffer most. Let me explain; I really struggle to filter out noise, billboards and posters. I often drive along the road and find I have read each and every poster or news headline, even if it is repeated over and over again. I plan my routes to avoid the main road and poster hot spots. The noise they create in my head is almost auditable. So you can see when all the political parties target each and every pole on all the streets on all my routes to place at least 2 to 5 posters per pole, my mind turns to mush. Just a short drive to see a client and back can create huge issues for me.

So I hope to turn this into a marketing analysis exercise and I have been writing down the slogans of each party to see which one has done their homework to reach the correct target market.

Here are some from today:

  •  One nation, one future
  • Be part of the solution
  • Vote to win
  • Working together we can do more
  • Together we can make a difference
  • Let’s have a South Africa that is safe and secure

 What are the rules for slogan writing? Ours at the Entrepreneur Incubator is The Unfair Advantage. Could this be used to capture votes? Too late to register my party.

 More on this next week. I’m off to run that Dad’s race at my son’s school.

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