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Pick N Pay Argus Cycle Tour

9 March 2009

image0091Yesterday 35 000 people woke up with excited ambition but this soon turned into fear as they heard the wind howling at gale force strength around the Cape Peninsula. Fear set in for most, but they continued to the start because they had done the training and traveled all the way to the Mother City and that is what they had planned to do.

Funny thing is that the wind seemed to die down a lot on the course and along the Blue Route there was but just a little breeze. Once the riders got into the swing of things they were soon turning at Simons Town and had the wind to their backs for the second half of their race.

Is this not like running your own business? We awake on the dawn of our launch and all we can hear is the fear whistling in our ears and thoughts of canceling and going backwards enter our minds. I wonder what percentage of people did not turn up for the start yesterday because of what they saw on TV. Fear is our biggest enemy of progress. Fear replaced by faith can begin to move mountains and develop a sense of achievement.

Well done to all those who turned up and peddled the 110km to the finish. Despite some serious injuries and pain this morning, you were able to convert on your training and plans. Let us Entrepreneur learn from the cycle tour and persist onwards today towards the finish line.

image0431I have sports day at my son’s school this week and look forward to the Dad’s race where I will battle it out over the entire 80 m against other Dads as our proud children look on. I will update you on my results…

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  1. 11 June 2010 14:06

    You made some good points on this subject.

  2. 14 June 2010 10:58

    Fantastic post, I will save this post in my Propeller account. Have a awesome evening.

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