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EI Assist

23 February 2009


ei-assistNot every business owner wants coaching or intervention in their business. Most do not have the time or money to invest in the areas of their business that require change or development.

 Entrepreneur Incubator has now launched EI Assist, a series of worksheet workshops designed to step you through the principles and process of key focus points of small business. EI Assist offers these as pdf downloads that you can work through on your own or to use one-on-one together with a Coach to guide you through to the process.

 Currently we have 10 modules available:

  • Module 01 Discover your Passion and Niche
  • Module 02 Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Module 03 Creating a Financial Plan
  • Module 04 Assembling a Business Plan
  • Module 05 Defining your Business
  • Module 06 Creating Goals for your Future
  • Module 07 Defining the Processes and Procedures
  • Module 08 Creating Strategic Network Teams
  • Module 09 Coping with Financial Challenges
  • Module 10 Create Learning and Wisdom

 For more information on EI Assist, please contact me via our website.

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