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A sneak preview to our next Incubator workshop

13 February 2009

At this very moment there is a bunch of budding Entrepreneurs working frantically on their homework for our next EI workshop.

 For those who are knocking on the door and contemplating joining the exclusive group of business owners who have the ‘unfair advantage’ over the rest; here is a sneak preview at some of the questions the members are working through.

  1.  Think back over your life: what has stirred the most passion within you to do something or to be someone?
  2.  What is your most inner fear?
  3.  Why do you think you do the work that you do?
  4.  Give a percentage of how much about yourself you do not know.
  5.  If you could speak to someone you could completely trust what would you talk about?
  6.  When you wake up in the middle of the night, what do you think about?
  7.  What five people or activities motivate you to do things you would normally not do?

 Our workshop titled “It’s all About Me’ will cover the journey all business owners need to embark on to become confident in both emotional and physical aspects of their lives. We still have a few seats left if you shout now we could fit you in.

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