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The Louis Group, a happy place to work

28 January 2009

We go to conferences and hear about exceptional companies that exist out there. We read in motivational books or articles about executives who actually care about their staff. We hear rumours that there are happy places where the staff want to get up in the morning and willing go to work, even on a cold winter day. But do they exist? Is this just a conspiracy to get the youth out of school and collage and into the slavery of employment?

I have had first hand experience of just such a business. A few years ago I attended a talk on business trusts and estates at our local high school and met up with Paul Flude and his team from The Louis Group. Paul was a genuine person. He spoke truth, rare for a practicing attorney, with genuine concern for his family of clients.

 A short while after this I sat in their office reception at Century City and was amazed at how each staff member who walked past me while I waited, stopped and greeted me with a smile and concern for why I was there. I was looking around for the hidden camera and one-way glass but this is real. The people there actually live like this. During our discussions with Charles Everson who was helping draft our family trust and wills, I was asked how I liked my coffee strong or weak. The world seemed to stop just for me as a new client. I left with a wow feeling and have used them in many an example in my talks and workshops.

 Last week I attended the first week of the Louis Group Business Academy; a free programme offered by the Louis family to business owners and entrepreneurs and was once again exposed to the genuine openness and love of the entire staff family. Mr. Louis introduced himself and his sons and offered his help and care to us all for the duration of the programme. Bruce Griffiths the HR manager walked us through the mission and belief of the group and share the 92 year history of a remarkable family business.

 So yes they do exist, a business well worth working for and getting up even on a dark stormy morning for and being a part of a family that works and serves hard and has fun while doing both.

 Almost makes me want to give up self employment and type up my CV.

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