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Luke Watson, Hero or Outcast?

26 January 2009

This Sunday past saw the first appearance of the Stormers at Newlands for the season and poor old Luke Watson took a beating. Each time he got the ball or was involved in any kind of action the entire crowd whistled and booed him. Even when he scored his try close to half time, the cheers were subdued by more jeering.

 All this is evident of the invasion of brand loyalty in our sports. South Africans seem to be very team focused and anything or anyone that comes between us and our team is treated with less than respect. Luke allegedly was heard commenting on our national Springbok emblem and jersey last year at a braai with the result of a hearing and now this treatment. Now I am not one to judge and condemn but where there is smoke we often find fire and Luke is one smoking guy. Ever since his arrival on the field he has been surrounded by rumors and suspicion. I for one have never liked his style of rugby or his attitude to the game. I enjoy team players who put their team before self and play as such. Maybe it is time for Luke to jump ship and play for New South Wales where that sort of attitude is supported and encouraged.

 How fast trust is lost in the sporting world. Just as fast as in small business. One bad service experience and we condemn that company to the list of ‘never go there again’. What do we need to do in business to not become a Luke Watson business? More on this later.

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  1. Belsflite permalink
    10 February 2009 02:52

    Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

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