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Dream big, live big

20 January 2009

All eyes are on USA today with Barack Obama’s inauguration. We in South Africa can sit back and enjoy the ceremony from our warmer climates, but what does this mean for our world?

 One lesson I have learnt in this scene is the rise to power of just an ordinary man who was born to an ordinary family and grew up in ordinary circumstances. It always encourages me to see people excel in their lives and rise up to their dreams. Many entrepreneurs when faced with dreams that seem impossible and out of reach back down and take the easy route. This route will always get you to average and ordinary. It is only when we step out of the comfort zone into the unknown and challenge life face on that we see results that are extraordinary.

Let us all take heart from Barack today and begin the journey to the wild side and the unknown. Who knows you may achieve your biggest dreams in life.

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