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Traits of an Entrepreneur (part 1)

12 January 2009

I found the following list in a book “Lists to live by” compiled by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens and John van Diest.

 Entrepreneurs have the following traits:

  •  Drive – a high degree of motivation
  • Courage – tenacity and persistence
  • Goals – a sense of direction
  • Knowledge – a thirst for it
  • Good health – taking care of their bodies
  • Honesty – especially intellectual
  • Optimism – positive attitude
  • Judgment – knowing the wise from the foolish
  • Enthusiasm – excited about life
  • Chance taking – willingness to risk failure
  • Dynamic – energy
  • Enterprise – willingness to tackle tough jobs

 I will publish the second half later this week. We at the Entrepreneur Incubator are compiling an Entrepreneur Assessment to help people decide if they are cut out to be business owners and entrepreneurs. This life is not for everyone, but we help make it possible.

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