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Back from leave and looking forward to 2009

8 January 2009

I escaped with my family to the far ends of civilization this last week to live in rural land with no running water, no electricity, no cell phone coverage, no web access, email and RSS. I thought it would be hard and it was for the first few days but then relaxation kicked in and the stress left all helped with a few good braais and copious amounts of red wine.

Living in these conditions helps one focus on the important things of life and creates a natural ponder ones belly button atmosphere. This gives one time to reassess priorities and goals.

So it is back to normal life, whatever normal may be. Need to get through the 100s of emails in my inbox and navigate the blog subscriptions and then surface to look anew at the year with fresh energy focus and enthusiasm for our best year yet.

2009, the Year of the Entrepreneur and the Incubator is ready to take it on.

Look out for the fresh look logo, preview on this page, and our new exciting interactive website coming to a screen near you in a few weeks. 

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