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5 Dangerous things to let your child do

10 December 2008

Gever Tulley suggests that to help produce a more safety conscious child we should let them play with dangerous things. Here are five of his suggestions:

 1.      Play with Fire – learning to control of one the elements of nature is a pivotal moment in any child’s life. Allow your child to play with the braai and matches in a controlled manner. This will give them the time to learn things about the laws of nature.

2.      Own and play with a pocketknife – A child with a multifunctional tool will learn to take on tasks that is only limited by their imagination. A young boy with a Swiss army knife becomes the next Mr. Fix it that will expand his world a thousand fold.

3.      Throw a spear – The muscle coordination required to throw a spear will stimulate multi areas of the brain as well as develop muscle balance, strength and structural problem solving skills

4.      Deconstruct appliances – Never throw out an old appliance until you have taken it apart with your child and discovered all the parts. To understand the parts helps to understand the whole.

5.      Allow you child to drive your car. Giving your child a turn behind the wheel while sitting on your lap or on their own teaches them the sense of responsibility that comes with power and control. Find an empty plot or parking lot and drive around with your child.

 All of these come with the potential for grievous bodily harm and structural damage but under careful supervision and guidance your child will learn to become more responsible and mature.

The same could be good for our staff and customers – allow them to play with your products and give you feed back, loosen the reigns a bit and see what happens.

Remember this article comes with a common sense warning to be a parent and business owner as well as a leader and manager.

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