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The Presence of Presents?

8 December 2008

This time of year business owners are faced with the dilemma of what to get for your customers as a Christmas gift. The budget is just one of the issues we face, this together with religious issues and different tastes of people all make the choice a difficult one.

I have seen a recent increase in companies sending out a lovely email with a note that hey will donate an amount to some charity in place of their normal gifts. This is great but do they actually donate?

What is the answer to the perfect year end gift that says “Thanks for being such a wonderful client” and will build loyalty for the coming year, not break the budget as well as not offend any religious person.

 Ideas, comments, advise?

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  1. Betsy permalink
    8 December 2008 16:37


    I am actually a professional shopper specifically for selecting gifts for those who either don’t have the time or find the process difficult. The first step is deciding what to budget and how much you want to tell the person that you appreciate their business which is not necessarily an issue in budgeting. Most corporations have strict rules about the gifts that employees may receive from a supplier. It is good to check with an administrative support team person to obtain answers to this question first or stay at $50 or less. Then you should stay away from the following items: jams-jellies-preserves, cheese, nuts, most cookies, fruits or most packaged meats. In general, the stuff that comes in most gift baskets is not what people want and it is quickly forgotten. People like comfort during the holidays particularly in a year like this so foods that provide comfort are things like pancakes or a breakfast basket. Quick bread mixes are terrific or if you can find out what their favorite treat was when they were a child that can be included in a custom basket. There are some wonderful board games out there. Part of it is knowing something about the person to know what they like. For example, I have a friend that is wild about olives, so a gourmet selection of olives is a real treat to him. For some people it may be a nice professional facial or shave at a local spa. The more personalized it is the more it will be remembered and so will you. Good luck to all with your gifting!

  2. 9 December 2008 06:40

    Great advice, thanks. We had never considered the personal spa items as gifts.
    Defiantly food for thought.

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