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CTBi Jumpstart Graduation

4 December 2008

This week saw the graduation of The Cape Town Boat building and Technology Initiative (CTBi) Jumpstart candidates. Each of the participants have undergone four months of workshops, mentoring, site visits and talks.

 HEP has had the privilege of facilitating a series of workshops where various topics of Entrepreneurship were discussed.

Here are some of the participant’s comments:

  • I have learnt so much that I did not know I had to know
  • The idea of sharing my business to grow my business was at first foreign to us, but we have all seen an increase in turnover through referrals and cooperation
  • Marketing seemed so difficult until I was shown the basic principles of how to market my business well without having to spend huge amounts of money
  • Building relationships has become a number one priority in my business
  • At first it seemed to be a huge sacrifice to take time away from work, but the benefits have been even larger.


 We congratulate all the graduates and wish them well in their future as business owners in the Boat Building industry. We look forward to next year’s group where we can once again provide the unfair advantage to more entrepreneurs.

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