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Happy Birthday Wellness Warehouse

1 December 2008

I took the kids out on Saturday afternoon to buy the perfect gift for my wife’s birthday.

 Who was I to know that month end, Claremont, and 3 weeks to Christmas would converge into the centre being at maximum capacity and close to anarchy. It took 22 minutes to find a spot to park and then a further 10 to get to the shop we wanted. Once in Wellness Warehouse my daughter was offered a balloon at the door, this perked her up and got her running around the store waving the balloon and singing. I quickly found the two items that we came looking for (I like to shop like a commando soldier, plan, in out, quick) and proceeded to queue for the tills. This was made more frustrating by the sweets on display at kids eye level up and down the queue passage. Finally we got to the till when the lovely sales lady grabbed the balloon out of my daughters hand and popped it in front of her without apparent explanation. Then found the little slip of paper that was hidden inside that announced that we had won a full 5% off the purchase of our goods. Cool, I thought a savings to compensate for my now distraught daughter. Only to find out that the items I have selected were not allowed to be discounted on the till. I did grab a juice from the closest fridge to negotiate peace in my family and got a full 25 cents discount.

Happy Birthday Wellness Warehouse, great shop, but get a bit more organized for the celebration next time.

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