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Our Sweet Award

24 November 2008

A few weeks ago Angela Buck, an independent practicing physiotherapist working at Claremont hospital over the weekend noticed sparks and smoke coming from a light fitting in the hospital passage. This soon escalated into a small electrical fire. Angela ran for the nearest fire alarm, broke the glass and pulled the lever: Nothing. She then called out to the Sister at the nurse’s station to activate her alarm and once again: Nothing. The fire was now beginning to spread. Angela located the nearest fire extinguisher, checked it to be one that could be used for an electrical fire and carried it back to the fire. When trying to remove the pin she found it had been secured with an electrical cable tie that could not be broken by hand. Angela had to return to the nurse’s station to get a pair of scissors, cut the cable tie and then fight the fire herself.

When it was successfully extinguished she reported the incident to the security who seemed less than interested and that was the last anyone heard about the fire or of Angela’s heroic level headed action to overcome a faulty fire alarm that obviously has not been tested for some time and an illegal cable tie to secure the pin on the extinguisher.

Angela, even if the Hospital managers do not acknowledge your action that saved them money and maybe lives, we salute you for your effort and attitude towards protecting others at risk to yourself. Well Done.

Angela Buck is busy with HEP laying the foundation for her new business Happy Mom, Happy Baby, a breast-feeding clinic and physiotherapy practice in Cape Town. Definitely someone I would trust my baby with.

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