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Entrepreneur of the Month

24 November 2008

Compliance is definitely one of those issues that comes back to bite us in the butt time and time again. It is often not a conscious thing that we as small business owners do, but non compliance to SARS, DTI, SETA, Trade Unions, PAID and a host of others, often out of ignorance will result in fines, hearings and huge losses of income to your business.

If only we had access to someone who understood all this and was willing to help us small folk without a huge consulting fee. Well now there is. Sally Kruger is in business doing business for us. Business Needs Analysis offers a 40 point Health Check Analysis that will help you identify any relevant issue that you still may need to work on in your business to make you 100% compliant.

Sally began this journey with HEP in February and has now have migrated out of her full time job, defined her processes and procedures, done her business plan and financial forecasts together with a comprehensive marketing plan and now gets to wake up each day to the knowledge that she can go and work for herself, empowering other business owners. We are very proud of what Sally has achieved in this year and wish her well in the years to come. Sally is also one of our Crack Squad professionals, offering her services to the other Entrepreneur Incubator clients.

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