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Finding your Passion

19 November 2008

This week we spent a day with a group of ladies in despair over their futures. Their company that some had given 11 years of service to had announced that due to restructuring and repositioning of the market, their job function was no longer essential to the core business and by the end of March 2009 their services will no longer be required.

This comes as a shock to them firstly because just a few month ago they were assured of a future within the company and secondly because their functions have been offered to a government department who may or may not take them on board to fulfill this duty in the future.

Uncertain times we live in. Who can we rely on for financial and emotional security? Not our government, not our employer, not always our family and there is no longer any hero to come sweeping in from the US or UK to save our butts. It becomes more essential for us to build our own security for our own futures. To discover our strengths and passions is a rare pleasure; to live them out is a pure ecstasy. 

Entrepreneurs all over the world wake up each day, often before most others, to go to work filled with excitement and anticipation for the day ahead. This comes from designing a life around ones strengths. To do only what you are good at and do nothing else is what drives us to do better each day.

During our workshop there was a point just after lunch when we allowed our participants to dream a little and write out some goals for the next year that I got to see a glimmer of hope and self pride return to the room. Moments like these make me get out of bed each morning with passion and joy to face the day filled with opportunities to help yet another person find their purpose in life.

What are you going to do tomorrow? 

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