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Sporting festival

3 November 2008

This weekend brought a sporting festival to us all.

Our cricket boys seem to have found a new inner fight with their two nil slaughter over Kenya. Most of us were also glued to our screens for the final F1 race of the year. Gripping stuff as we got to witness a race not even Hollywood could have scripted. Well done to Lewis, a fight well worth watching. I do feel sorry for Massa, he, in my books should have won the title but the Ferrari let him down this year. We do look forward to next year with a few switched driver contracts and a couple of rookies standing by to enter the game.

We also got to see the winner of the first leg of the Volvo ocean race enter Cape Town harbour on Sunday morning, well done Ericsson 4. We have the top 3 in dockalready, looking forward to the safe arrival of the other five still to come in. This race is subtitled ‘Brutal Hard Work’ in the name of sport.

So to Monday we turn with expectancy of a good week. If we can redirect our enthusiasm from the sport back into out businesses we will definitely begin to see some new records been broken. Keep at it, be the entrepreneur you where meant to be.

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